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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everybody is Looking Forward to The Weeknd--A Hype Free Album From NSFW Newcomers

The Weeknd make some of the best nsfw soul / R&B music I've heard.  I always appreciate bands/artists that can make autotune and pitch shifting sound authentic and soulful rather than the shallow saccharine drivel it is usually associated with.  Bon Iver's "Woods," for example, uses autotune to create one of the best folk-freak-out a cappella choirs I've heard.  Burial uses it to great effect in songs like "Archangel," sampling and modulating simple emotional fragments--"holding you / kissing you / Tell me I belong."  The Weeknd actually sound a lot like a more coherent Burial.  Even though the songs are not chopped up like Burial and The Weeknd's songs focus on singing rather than the instrumental/sample experimentation of Burail, there is a lot of shared mood and sound between the two.  There are no high bpm's here, but The Weend's smooth and gritty jams still make my feet move, my shoulders bounce, and my fingers flail.
Get the whole album from their website for free.  [NSFW for cursing and nudity]

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black, "I don't want this Weeknd to end."

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