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Sunday, November 14, 2010

He's Back! Three Keyboard Cat Moon Threadless T-shirt Reprint

Behold Fatso the cat on the ebonies and ivories with those ivory paws!  times (x) 3, plus (+) Moon.  This shirt is a delicious meme mash-up of Keyboard Cat and Three Wolf Moon (a t-shirt on currently with 1,828 reviews reporting its unusually beneficial effects.  Believe it or not, I bought the shirt when it had a mere five reviews--I regret my hipster-kitty early adoption snobbery.  It is now sitting in 30th place for best selling clothing item on Amazon, and it has been up there for some time).  The lady-killing potential of Keyboard Cat plus the mysterious mojo of Three Wolf Moon make this the preferred uniform for the seduction community.  Be careful wearing this around mirrors, or you may seduce yourself.  If you missed out on the first run of these, now is your chance.  Sign up for their newsletter and get a 7 dollar coupon: worth it.  Of course, you could save the coupon for one of their 10 dollar t-shirt sales.

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